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Hometown Hospitality™

Mattis Pointe Hospitality

Some companies talk about customer service. At Mattis Pointe assisted living Hometown Hospitality™ is felt the moment you walk through our door. Our Hometown Hospitality™ customer service approach was developed using principles of Ritz Carlton's signature program. The tenets of Hometown Hospitality™ revolve around an acronym for FAMILY.

Mattis Pointe in Saint Louis provides Hometown Hostpitality.

Partners in Care

Our care partners move through four levels of customer service training. We reward their accomplishment through pay increases and recognition. Our "level four" care partners are awarded the title CEO (Customer Experience Officer) and take on the role of mentoring the newer members of our team. Hometown Hospitality™ also fosters a culture of recognition for Mattis Pointe care partners by offering our residents and families the ability to recognize outstanding service through Star Awards. Creating a sense of family for our residents, their loved ones and our care partners - that's what Hometown Hospitality™ is all about.


  • F – First impressions go a long way – Our customers see a well maintained building and grounds and are greeted professionally both on the phone and in person.
  • A – Address people by name – Our residents are addressed by their preferred name.
  • M – Make visitors feel welcome – Our customers are greeted immediately and offered a beverage and snack.
  • I – Individuals deserve respect – We treat each resident like a member of our own family.
  • L – Leave with graciousness – We ask our customers "Is there anything else I can do for you?" before leaving or ending a conversation.
  • Y – Yes – We do our best to say Yes to every customer request.
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