Americare Assisted Living Communities

Where care is threaded into all we do.

Assisted living offers just the right touch of care, companionship, and comfort. We handle the everyday, so you can enjoy every day.

When the demands of living in your home require more than you're willing and able to give on your own, you'll find a welcome home with us. As well as all the help you need. But you may not notice it right away, because that's part of our charm. We believe in exercising just the right touch. One more felt than seen. Come see for yourself. You'll be surprised at how comfortable you feel.

Assisted Living with Americare.

At Americare You Do the Living. Let us do the assisting.

Your job is living life to the fullest. Ours is helping you do just that. The primary job description of our personal assistants? Provide what you need when you need it. We also realize that anyone's need for help varies day to day. From simple reminders, to an extra pair of hands or a shoulder to lean on - just let us know how we can assist your needs.

Enhancing your Independence

In a quilt, colorful squares of fabric weave into a spectacle of texture and pattern. Each as unique and colorful as the caring hands that made them. Like a quilt, no two homes look exactly the same. Home evokes feelings of comfort... family...familiarity. Walk into our home. It may not be your home, but it will feel just as inviting.

Sit down with us to discuss your options. Let us help enhance your independence and your ability to meet life head-on by giving you just the right support at the right time.

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