Emergency information for Parkway Gardens Senior Living in Fairview Heights, Illinois




Date: Saturday, February 6, 2021

Dear Parkway Gardens residents and families:

According to Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines our community has now moved into phase three of re-opening.  For complete details on the state’s phases of re-opening you can visit:


Here is what you can expect:

Visits:  Indoor and outdoor visits are permitted at this time. 

  • Indoor and outdoor visits will be located in designated area(s) on the facility’s grounds and in public areas in the building. 
  • Proper infection control procedures will be put in place. 
  • Only asymptomatic and COVID-19 negative residents will be permitted visitors 
  • In-room visits will be permissible for bed-bound residents only.
  • All visitors must follow strict infection control protocols including but not limited to passing a health check, wearing personal protective equipment and having the visit intermittently supervised in order to ensure safety procedures are being followed.
  • You can use our visit self-scheduler on our website to schedule your visit.  A limited number of visits will be offered daily in order to ensure proper staffing.  Please limit your visits to no more than 3 per week to allow all to enjoy time with their loved ones.  


Communal Dining:  Will be limited to COVID-19 negative or asymptomatic residents only. 

  • We will limit the number of residents per table to allow for social distancing.   


In-House Beauty/Barber Salon:  Services will resume for residents who are not on isolation and are not suspected of having COVID-19 infection or exposure

  • Our beautician will adhere to the same infection control protocols as staff and will remain in the salon area throughout their time in the building.  No hand-held hair dryers are permitted.
  • Services cannot be provided in the resident’s room. 


Group Activities and Outings:  May resume group activities and outings but we will limit the number of participants to allow for proper social distancing. 

  • Residents must practice proper hand hygiene and be socially distanced 6 feet apart.
  • We will avoid mass events, parades or festivals where we cannot control social distancing for our residents.


Medical trips away from the facility:  Non-medical trips should be avoided. 

  • Medically-necessary trips will require both resident and driver wear a mask with drivers passing a health screening. 
  • A 14-day quarantine for the resident may follow the trip outside of the facility depending on the nature of the visit.


Screening:   Both employees and residents will be screened daily for signs and symptoms and those screening logs must be retained for at least 30 days.

Testing:  We will complete a baseline facility-wide test of all employees and residents. 

  • We will repeat the testing if any resident or employee tests positive for the virus or if any resident or employee develops signs or symptoms. 
  • We will consult with our health department on frequency of employee retesting based on our county’s positivity rate.   Residents and families will be notified of any whole-house testing. 




Tonya Freeman




Illinois Visitation Plan

Update:  Friday, July 3, 2020

To our Americare Families:

Our communities recently shared their plans to open visitation for residents and their loved ones.   Some communities have already started and others are set to start. 

 As you know, the states in which we operate are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases.  This is prompting states and counties to issue additional guidelines on when senior living communities can start guest visits (outside or inside).  

We ask that you contact your community directly prior to your scheduled visit to determine if visits have been temporarily placed on hold.     We still welcome window visits (providing windows remain closed).   

We too want to reunite our residents and their families.  Doing so in a responsible manner will help keep our residents and employees safe.  We appreciate your continued support during these challenging times.  




Clay Crosson


Americare Senior Living