Emergency information for Montgomery Place in Independence, Kansas
February 10, 2021
Dear Friends and Family Members,
It is my pleasure to announce that we are able to resume indoor visitation for our residents!  Today we released the quarantine restriction as we have no active positive cases of COVID for employees or residents.  Currently, the COVID-19 positivity rate for Montgomery County per nursing home metrics has us in the yellow category which allows us to resume indoor visitation per regulatory guidance.  Please note that this plan may be changed any time based on further guidance from local, state or federal regulation.  There are clear issues that might halt, limit or amend our visitation including outbreak or positivity rate of greater than 10% in Montgomery County. 
Unless otherwise mandated, indoor compassionate care visitation, as defined by CMS, will continue regardless of the outbreak status. 
Each visitor will need to call 620-331-2577 and speak with Stacy Andres, Social Service to schedule a visit.  
Visiting hours will be Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm. If the designated time poses difficulty or a barrier in your ability to visit, please contact Michelle Hooper, DON to resolve the matter. Visitors may not arrive more than 5 minutes early for their scheduled time.  Visitors arriving more than 5 minutes early will not be permitted to enter until it is time for them to be screened for their visit.
Each elder may have up to 5 designated visitors, however, no more than 2 visitors at a time for either indoor or outdoor visits. Visits are for 30 minutes in a private designated area and will be supervised by facility staff to ensure social distance and proper use of face coverings.
Each visitor will need to complete our wellness screening. Visitor must pass wellness screen to continue with visit. 
Visitors must participate in hand hygiene prior to participating in visitation.  Each visitor and resident will be required to wear a level one mask during visitation and additional PPE as indicated. Visit will not occur if PPE is not worn.  In addition, if visitor removes their mask during the visit, the visit will end immediately.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call Kathryn Hatten at 620-331-2577.  We look forward to seeing you!
Kathryn Hatten


Our Family/Resident Visitation Plan

Community:  Montgomery Place

Start Date:  Tuesday, July 28, 2020

As shared in a letter on June 26h, we have been given permission by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) scheduling visits between our residents and families/friends.  Visits will start on Tuesday, July 28th.

Here is our plan:

  • We have set up (2 indoor visit stations). These locations will have social distancing measures in place for residents and visitors to follow that maintain 6 foot distancing and will be staffed by an employee. The visitor station will be equipped with hand sanitizer which all parties will use prior to and after each visit. 
  • Our employees will have each visitor sign in and provide needed information on the visitation sign in sheet, and to complete a wellness screening.  This screening tool will require a temperature check and questionnaire to be completed.  Anyone not meeting the requirements of the screening will be required to reschedule the visit.
  • Please bring your own mask(s). If one is not available a mask will be provided. Masks MUST be worn at all times during the visit. 
  • We will require an appointment for each visit. Please contact Ashley by phone (620-331-2577) during business hours Monday through Friday to schedule your visit. No visits will be allowed that are not prescheduled with the community staff.
    • To allow everyone the opportunity to schedule an initial visit with their loved one we are not allowing “standing visits” to be scheduled at this time.   We also must schedule visits around meal times and when there is staff available for the visit station.   
    • Within the next two weeks we hope to have a more automated system in place for self-scheduling and we will email you that link when it is available. 
  • We will allow 2 visitors (over age of 18 years old) at a time per resident in a 30-minute increment.  Each visitor must be able to demonstrate proper infection control practices.  If infection control practices are not followed then the visit will need to end.    Additionally, the resident will be placed on a 14 day in room quarantine for the safety of other residents.
  • We will disinfect the visitation station between each resident’s scheduled visit.

Window visits of course are still encouraged with a closed window to prevent transmission and can be done without an appointment. 



Kathryn Hatten