Emergency information for Pleasant Valley in Sedan, Kansas


Our Family/Resident Visitation Plan

Community:  Pleasant Valley

Start Date:  July 20

As shared in a letter on June 26h, we have been given permission by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) scheduling visits between our residents and families/friends.  Visits will start on (date)

Here is our plan:

  • We have set up (2 indoor visit stations) These locations will have social distancing measures in place for residents and visitors to follow that maintain 6 foot distancing and will be staffed by an employee. The visitor station will be equipped with hand sanitizer which all parties will use prior to and after each visit. 
  • Our employees will have each visitor sign in and provide needed information on the visitation sign in sheet and to complete a wellness screening.  This screening tool will require a temperature check and questionnaire to be completed.  Anyone not meeting the requirements of the screening will be required to reschedule the visit.
  • Please bring your own mask(s). If one is not available a mask will be provided.  Masks MUST be worn at all times during the visit. 
  • We will require an appointment for each visit. Please contact Lori by phone (620-725-3153)  during business hours Monday through Friday  to schedule your visit.   No visits will be allowed that are not prescheduled with the community staff.
    • To allow everyone the opportunity to schedule an initial visit with their loved one we are not allowing “standing visits” to be scheduled at this time.   We also must schedule visits around meal times and when there is staff available for the visit station.   
    • Within the next two weeks we hope to have a more automated system in place for self-scheduling and we will email you that link when it is available. 
  • We will allow 2 visitors (over age of 18 years old) at a time per resident in a 30-minute increment.  Each visitor must be able to demonstrate proper infection control practices.  If infection control practices are not followed then the visit will need to end.    Additionally, the resident will be placed on a 14 day in room quarantine for the safety of other residents.
  • We will disinfect the visitation station between each resident’s scheduled visit.

Window visits of course are still encouraged with a closed window to prevent transmission and can be done without an appointment. 



Kathryn Hatten









Update:  Friday, July 3, 2020

To our Americare Families:

Our communities recently shared their plans to open visitation for residents and their loved ones.   Some communities have already started and others are set to start. 

 As you know, the states in which we operate are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases.  This is prompting states and counties to issue additional guidelines on when senior living communities can start guest visits (outside or inside).  

We ask that you contact your community directly prior to your scheduled visit to determine if visits have been temporarily placed on hold.     We still welcome window visits (providing windows remain closed).   

We too want to reunite our residents and their families.  Doing so in a responsible manner will help keep our residents and employees safe.  We appreciate your continued support during these challenging times.  




Clay Crosson


Americare Senior Living



June 22, 2020


Greetings Family Members,


Pleasant Valley and Americare are working diligently to develop a new policy allowing family members to visit their loved one.  This policy must meet specific guidelines set by the state and federal governmental regulators.   Once the policy is approved by Americare, the policy must also be approved by the Medical Director and local Health Department.


Pleasant Valley will then need to make sure we have the necessary equipment and resources to ensure the policy can be carried out.   Allowing family to visit the residents in person is still not approved at this time.  We ask that you continue to visit with residents through the window, video calls, etc.    In person contact (outside or inside the facility) is not approved at this time.  


We know it is very important to have visitation and want to make this happen.  However, we also want to make sure our elder's remain safe from possibly contracting COVID-19.  You, personally, may know the precautions you have taken and are at low risk but that does not mean all family members are as diligent.  We have to look at the whole environment to ensure what actions must take place.   We are also continuing to encourage our elder's to wear mask in  preparation for when the time comes for them to have visitors.  Please encourage them to wear a comfortable mask or handkerchief. 


We do not take the responsibility of provide quality care lightly when it comes to COVID-19 and know that many people have become very relaxed in regards to safety standards/protocols.     Just this weekend a small long term care facility in rural Kansas had several residents and staff test positive for COVID-19.   We appreciate your support and patience with the ever changing environment of COVID-19.  We will be in communication with you in the very near future about changes to our visitation policy.


If you have questions, please reach out to me and I would be happy to talk with you.



Kathryn Hatten







Friday, May 22, 2020

Good afternoon Pleasant Valley Family,

I wanted to share that we have an employee who has developed Chicken Pox. We notified our local health department and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and have been advised that our residents are safe and should not be affected. We are working closely with the Chautaqua County Health Department to meet all requirements.

Our employee remains off work and we are hopeful they will recover and soon be back serving our residents.

Thank you.

Kathryn Hatten
Pleasant Valley Manor


May 8, 2020

To our Americare residents, families and friends,

First, let me take this opportunity to say thank you for your support during these difficult times.  As a company with nearly 40 years serving seniors, Americare has provided incredible support to our local teams in terms of information, personal protective equipment, and technology resources.  Guidance at the federal and state level changes rapidly, and we have done our best to ensure all of our communities are in compliance with the latest updates.  

 As an industry we have been asking for more testing for our residents and employees and we are now getting the response we’ve been seeking.   On May 1, 2020 The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) issued new COVID-19 testing guidance. 

I believe open and transparent communication, balanced with protecting individual privacy is essential at this time.  Because testing will be a much more frequent occurrence at a community level, I want to clarify what you should expect in the coming weeks:

  • Rather than waiting for all symptoms to be consistent with the virus, the department is instructing providers to test residents and staff under a much broader scope. 
  • As a result we will be testing a much higher number of residents and employees on an ongoing basis.
    • You will be notified privately should your loved one require testing and of the results (usually available within 48 hours)
    • If we are testing a resident or staff member we will likely place the community on in-room quarantine pending the results.
  • Should we have a positive result of either a resident or employee  we will, that same day, inform all of our residents, staff and families and provide our plan for limiting additional exposure. 

To help keep rumors from spreading we want to ensure that our families and residents have accurate information.  I ask that you contact your local administrator should you have a question or concern.

Again thank you for your on-going support.  We will get through this together.


Della Ribordy

Regional Operations Director

Americare Skilled Nursing Division, Kansas