The Neighborhoods by TigerPlace COVID-19 Response

July 19, 2021

Good Afternoon Neighborhoods by TigerPlace Family:

As most of you are aware over the last few weeks the State of Missouri has seen a significant increase in COVID-19 cases. This would include Boone County which currently is around 13% positivity rate per the CDC calculations.  As per the CDC and DHSS guidelines we continue to test all unvaccinated Employees as required. Because our County positivity rate is above 10% we are testing two times per week.   On Saturday and again today we completed testing for all residents, identifying six individuals as Covid positive.

  • In accordance with our pandemic guidelines we have:
    • Completed the process of testing all residents.
    • Discontinued all personal visitation.
    • Any Covid positive resident has placed on in-room isolation and all infection control procedures are being followed to ensure the rest of the Community is not infected.
    • We will continue to test on a weekly basis per the federal and state guidelines until we have two weeks of continued Negative test results for Residents and Employees.
    • We encourage you to call our front desk to schedule a window visit with your loved one.  We will notify families when we are able to reopen our home to in-person visits.  Please watch our Facebook page for the latest updates.
    • Contacted the local and state health departments to report the positive test results


We believe open and transparent communication, balanced with protecting individual privacy is essential at this time.  Please direct all of your questions to me.   Thank you for your support during these challenging times.


Amy Byergo

Executive Director


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