Emergency information for Highland Crest Senior Living in Kirksville, Missouri




February 8, 2021

Good Morning Highland Crest Family

We completed our whole house testing and learned that all residents and employees tested negative for COVID-19.    

I wanted to share the good news.  We will lift our in-room quarantine today which represents 14 days from possible exposure. 

Thank you for your support during these challenging times


Carol Daugherty





December 18, 2020
Good Afternoon Highland Crest and The Arbors at Highland Crest Family,   
In addition to what has already been reported here are today’s updates: 
All of our residents are stable both in our special care unit and in the rest of the building.
We currently have 2 employees who tested positive on 12/15.
All of our residents continue on in-room quarantine which will continue at least through 12/29 which represents 14 days from possible exposure.  
We are doing our best to keep our residents engaged and connected during this time.  If we can assist you in connecting with your loved one, please let us know.    
Our residents come first.  And every team member at Highland Crest and The Arbors at Highland Crest is committed to that philosophy.    Your support and prayers keep us going.    If you have further questions, please reach out to me.  

Carol Daugherty


Update:  Saturday, October 31, 2020

Good afternoon Highland Crest and Arbors Families,

Thank you for taking our calls today regarding our situation at Highland Crest.  For those of you we did not speak with directly, we attempted to leave a message.  Here is what we discussed:

Today we received notification that an employee tested positive for COVID-19.   The employee’s last day in the Highland Crest campus was yesterday, October 30th.  The employee was tested due to outside the workplace.  The employee remains off work and we are hopeful for their full recovery.

  • Today in accordance with our pandemic guidelines we placed all of our residents on in-room quarantine which will continue at least through November 13th which represents 14 days from possible exposure.  In our Arbors we are practicing enhanced social distancing as in-room quarantine is not realistic nor advisable in the memory care setting. 
    • We began monitoring residents for symptoms every 4 hours during wake time
    • All staff are wearing N95-masks while on duty and gloves in resident rooms. 
    • We have an adequate supply of personal protective equipment on hand and more available should we need it. 
    • Our most recent health checks show no residents with signs or symptoms
  • Today in accordance with our pandemic guidelines, we contacted the local and state health departments to report the positive test results. 
  • On Monday we will test all residents and employees for COVID-19. 
    • We expect results within 72 hours of the tests being sent to the lab
    • You will be notified privately of your loved one’s results
    • We will update our families on the overall results of our community.
      • If there are any positive resident results we will likely establish a special care unit and you will receive additional information at that time.   
  • In accordance with federal and state guidelines we are allowing only outdoor visits at this time along with indoor compassionate care visits. 

We believe open and transparent communication, balanced with protecting individual privacy is essential at this time.  Please direct all of your future questions to me.   Thank you for your support during these challenging times.


Carol Daugherty



Update:  Thursday, September 17, 2020                


Good Evening Highland Crest Arbors Family,

Today we learned that our staff was not following our visitor protocol in the Arbors.  Instead of asking visitors to access the outdoor courtyard through the outside entrance, visitors were allowed to access the courtyard by coming through the building.  We have since re-educated our employees.

Unfortunately, we need to place our Arbors building on modified quarantine (appropriate for memory care residents) and suspend visitation for 14 days or until October 1st.   Closed window visits are always welcome and we can help facilitate phone or i-pad visits as well.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  Our residents’ health and safety are our first priority.  Thank you for understanding. 




Trudie Trent

Interim Administrator


Our Outdoor Visitation Plan

Community:  Highland Crest and The Arbors

Start Date:  June 21, 2020

As shared in a letter on June 19th, we have been given permission by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Service to begin scheduling outdoor visits between our residents and families/friends.  Visits will start on June 21, 2020.

Here is our plan:

  • We have set up 2 outdoor visit stations on our campus.  These shaded locations will have social distancing measures in place for residents and visitors to follow that maintain 6 foot distancing and will be staffed by an employee. The visitor station will be equipped with hand sanitizer which all parities will use prior to and after each visit. 
  • Our employee will have each visitor to sign in and provide needed information on the visitation sign in sheet and to complete a wellness screening.  This screening tool will require a temperature check and questionnaire to be completed.  Anyone not meeting the requirements of the screening will be required to reschedule the visit.
  • Please bring your own mask(s). If one is not available a mask will be provided.  Masks MUST be worn at all times during the visit. 
  • We will require an appointment for each visit. Please contact Amber Lash by phone (660-956-5450), email (kirksville.act@americareusa.net) or Highland Crest Facebook Page Messenger to schedule your visit.   No visits will be allowed that are not prescheduled with the community staff.
    • To allow everyone the opportunity to schedule an initial visit with their loved one we are not allowing “standing visits” to be scheduled at this time.   We also must schedule visits around meal times and when there is staff available for the visit station.   
    • Within the next two weeks we hope to have a more automated system in place for self-scheduling and we will email you that link when it is available. 
  • We will allow 2 visitors (including babies and children) at a time per resident in a 30-minute increment.  Each visitor must be able to demonstrate proper infection control practices.  If infection control practices are not followed then the visit will need to end.    Additionally, the resident will be placed on a 14 day in room quarantine for the safety of other residents.
    • While children are always welcome – they too must be able to wear PPE and practice proper infection control and social distancing.
  • We will disinfect the visitation station between each resident’s scheduled visit.

Please note inside visits have not been approved by DHSS.  We ask that you continue to abide by our no-visitors policy inside the building.    Window visits of course are still encouraged with a closed window to prevent transmission and can be done without an appointment. 

For the health and safety of our residents please use good judgement with regard to outdoor temperatures before having your loved one join you for an outdoor visit.   If a heat index warning has been issued we will ask that you do a window visit instead. 




Carol Daugherty