Emergency information for Victorian Place of Owensville in Owensville, Missouri




Date:  Friday, February 19, 2021


To our residents and families:

As of today, one week has passed since our second COVID-19 vaccination clinic.    As we shared in a letter dated February 10th, we will be moving to the revised pandemic protocols as of February 19th, 2021.    If you or your designated power of attorney has signed the shared risk agreement or you have received both doses of the vaccine, you can expect the following changes to our infection control processes:



Key Points

Immunized Residents

Non-Immunized Residents


In room private visitation allowed for residents with level 1 face mask or higher


If resident is COVID positive, visitor must wear full PPE and visit qualify under compassionate care guidelines


Allowed w/ informed consent/shared risk

Medical Ancillary Services

Home Health, Hospice, Therapy, etc where indicated to meet resident needs.  Provider must be in full PPE




Tours throughout community w/level 1 or higher



New Move-Ins

No in room quarantine if mask compliant with level 1 face mask;


Resident receives day 1 and day 6 test

No quarantine; if mask compliant


(exclusion) for memory care

No quarantine, if mask compliant in public areas for their own protection. 


(exclusion) for memory care





Key Points




Communal dining resumes


May participate in communal dining w/ shared risk and potential additional stipulations by Admin


Group activities and offsite/non-medical trip resume


Allowed with previously signed informed consent/ shared risk and potential additional stipulations by Admin

COVID Exposure

Non- immunized resident(s) in close contact will be quarantined


No quarantine required

Quarantine required per CDC guidelines

COVID Positive Residents and Employees

Any resident with respiratory or COVID like symptoms (regardless of immunization) placed on isolation pending test results and resolution of symptoms


COVID-positive residents/employees (regardless of immunization) must be isolated in their room, droplet isolate infected resident.  The rest of immunized resident population continues life as normal


Cohort models no longer required; isolate infected residents in their room; cohort model can be case by case decision

No quarantine, unless 3 or more positives in community (outbreak status)



Quarantine for all non-immunized residents when positive emp/resident in building per CDC guidelines   





We remain vigilant in our infection control efforts on behalf of all residents, regardless of their immunization choice.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times. 



Chris Shaul


Update: Thursday, December 17, 2020

Good morning Victorian Place of Owensville Family

We completed our whole house testing on 12/15/2020 and learned today that all residents and employees tested negative for COVID-19.   

I wanted to share the good news.  We have lifted our in-room quarantine on 12-16-2020 which represents 14 days from possible exposure.    

Thank you for your support during these challenging times




Chris Shaul



Update:  Friday, November 27, 2020


Good evening Victorian Place of Owensville Family,

Here is an update of where we stand today:

Last night one of our residents tested positive for COVID-19 at the local hospital.  The family of this resident took the resident home with them to allow us time to establish our special care unit on “Remember When Lane”.  Today we had an additional resident test positive after exhibiting signs and symptoms. 

We have chosen a cohorted care-in-place strategy at Victorian Place of Owensville.  Americare has experience establishing separated care units and we’re confident that we can do so here.

  • We completed initial resident relocation to move all of our residents who are COVID-19 negative off of the hall designated for the unit.  
  •  Employees who tested positive but are asymptomatic may ONLY care for positive residents with proper use of personal protective equipment.   
  • Employees who tested negative for the virus may care for any resident with the proper use of personal protective equipment. 
  • A reverse barrier was installed on the remaining healthy hallways indicating only negative-testing employees may enter and new PPE required
  • As of this evening we are caring for four residents in the special care unit; 2 residents and a roommate from Victorian Place of Owensville and one resident who today tested positive from our sister community in Rolla.  We are hopeful for everyone’s full recovery.  

All remaining residents remain on in-room quarantine and we are doing everything we can to keep them connected and engaged. Our regional operations director, Scott Kiligian is coordinating additional supply delivery and overseeing our efforts. 

  • We have an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) on hand with access to more should we need it. 
  • In accordance with our pandemic guidelines, we contacted the local and state health departments to report the positive test result.
  • In accordance with federal and state guidelines we are allowing only outdoor visits and indoor compassionate care visits at this time. 


We believe open and transparent communication, balanced with protecting individual privacy is essential at this time.  Please direct all of your future questions to me.     Thank you for your support during these challenging times.


Chris Shaul

Community Manager



Our Outdoor Visitation Plan

Community: Victorian Place od Owensville

Start Date: 6/24/2020

As shared in a letter on June 19th, we have been given permission by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Service to begin scheduling outdoor visits between our residents and families/friends.  Visits will start on (6/24/2020).

Here is our plan:

  • We have set up (2) outdoor visit stations (Under the front awning).  These shaded locations will have social distancing measures in place for residents and visitors to follow that maintain 6 foot distancing and will be staffed by an employee. The visitor station will be equipped with hand sanitizer which all parities will use prior to and after each visit. 
  • Our employee will have each visitor to sign in and provide needed information on the visitation sign in sheet and to complete a wellness screening.  This screening tool will require a temperature check and questionnaire to be completed.  Anyone not meeting the requirements of the screening will be required to reschedule the visit.
  • Please bring your own mask(s). If one is not available a mask will be provided.  Masks MUST be worn at all times during the visit. 
  • We will require an appointment for each visit. Please contact by phone or email (Christopher Shaul, Community Manager, vp.owensville@americareusa.net, or 573-437-5396) to schedule your visit.   No visits will be allowed that are not prescheduled with the community staff.
    • To allow everyone the opportunity to schedule an initial visit with their loved one we are not allowing “standing visits” to be scheduled at this time.   We also must schedule visits around meal times and when there is staff available for the visit station.   
    • Within the next two weeks we hope to have a more automated system in place for self-scheduling and we will email you that link when it is available. 
  • We will allow 2 visitors (including babies and children) at a time per resident in a 30-minute increment. An example could be as follows. Ex: 1 Adult+1 Adult + =2 visitors, 1 Adult +1 Child = 2 visitors, and 1 Adult +1 Baby = 2 visitors. Each visitor must be able to demonstrate proper infection control practices.  If infection control practices are not followed then the visit will need to end.    Additionally, the resident will be placed on a 14 day in room quarantine for the safety of other residents.
    • While children are always welcome – they too must be able to wear PPE and practice proper infection control and social distancing.
  • We will disinfect the visitation station between each resident’s scheduled visit.

Please note inside visits have not been approved by DHSS.  We ask that you continue to abide by our no-visitors policy inside the building.    Window visits of course are still encouraged with a closed window to prevent transmission and can be done without an appointment. 

For the health and safety of our residents please use good judgement with regard to outdoor temperatures before having your loved one join you for an outdoor visit.   If a heat index warning has been issued we will ask that you do a window visit instead. 




Christopher Shaul

Community Manager

Victorian Place of Owensville