Emergency information for Victorian Place of St. Clair in Saint Clair, Missouri



Date:  Thursday, February 18, 2021


To our residents and families:

As of today, one week has passed since our second COVID-19 vaccination clinic.  As we shared in a letter dated February 10th, we are now able to move to revised pandemic protocols.  If you or your designated power of attorney has signed the shared risk agreement or you have received both doses of the vaccine, you can expect the following changes to our infection control processes:



Key Points

Immunized Residents

Non-Immunized Residents


In room private visitation allowed for residents with level 1 face mask or higher


If resident is COVID positive, visitor must wear full PPE and visit qualify under compassionate care guidelines


Allowed w/ informed consent/shared risk

Medical Ancillary Services

Home Health, Hospice, Therapy, etc. where indicated to meet resident needs.  Provider must be in full PPE




Tours throughout community w/level 1 or higher



New Move-Ins

No in room quarantine if mask compliant with level 1 face mask;


Resident receives day 1 and day 6 test

No quarantine; if mask compliant


(exclusion) for memory care

No quarantine, if mask compliant in public areas for their own protection. 


(exclusion) for memory care





Key Points




Communal dining resumes


May participate in communal dining w/ shared risk and potential additional stipulations by Admin


Group activities and offsite/non-medical trip resume


Allowed with previously signed informed consent/ shared risk and potential additional stipulations by Admin

COVID Exposure

Non- immunized resident(s) in close contact will be quarantined


No quarantine required

Quarantine required per CDC guidelines

COVID Positive Residents and Employees

Any resident with respiratory or COVID like symptoms (regardless of immunization) placed on isolation pending test results and resolution of symptoms


COVID-positive residents/employees (regardless of immunization) must be isolated in their room, droplet isolate infected resident.  The rest of immunized resident population continues life as normal


Cohort models no longer required; isolate infected residents in their room; cohort model can be case by case decision

No quarantine, unless 3 or more positives in community (outbreak status)



Quarantine for all non-immunized residents when positive emp/resident in building per CDC guidelines   





We remain vigilant in our infection control efforts on behalf of all residents, regardless of their immunization choice.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times. 




Kim Wilson

Victorian Place of St. Clair



Update: Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Good afternoon Victorian Place of St. Clair Family:

We completed our whole house testing on 1/25/2021 and are happy to report today that all residents and employees tested negative for COVID-19.    

I wanted to share the good news.  We will lift our in-room quarantine on 1/27/2021 which represents 14 days from possible exposure and we are now allowing inside visits to be scheduled again. 

I am very proud of our team here at VP of St. Clair.  We lived our philosophy every day by putting our residents first. 

Thank you for your support, thoughts and prayers during these challenging times.  



Kim Wilson




Update:  Friday, July 3, 2020

To our Americare Families:

Our communities recently shared their plans to open visitation for residents and their loved ones.   Some communities have already started and others are set to start. 

 As you know, the states in which we operate are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases.  This is prompting states and counties to issue additional guidelines on when senior living communities can start guest visits (outside or inside).  

We ask that you contact your community directly prior to your scheduled visit to determine if visits have been temporarily placed on hold.     We still welcome window visits (providing windows remain closed).   

We too want to reunite our residents and their families.  Doing so in a responsible manner will help keep our residents and employees safe.  We appreciate your continued support during these challenging times.  




Clay Crosson


Americare Senior Living