Emergency information for Victorian Place of Washington Senior Living in Washington, Missouri




Update: Thursday, February 11, 2021

Good afternoon Victorian Place of Washington Family

We completed our whole house testing on 2/8/2021 and happy to report that all residents and employees tested negative for COVID-19.    

There was an unexpected delay at the lab that caused our results not to come in within our expected time frame, so we apologize for the delay in this update. 

I wanted to share the good news.  We will lift our in-room quarantine on 2/13/2021 which represents 14 days from possible exposure. 

Thank you for your support during these challenging times.



Joe Sutterer



Outdoor Visitation Plan

Victorian Place of Washington and the Arbors

Start Date: July 6th

As shared in a letter on June 19th, we have been given permission by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Service to begin scheduling outdoor visits between our residents and families/friends.  Visits will start on 6/19/2020.

Here is our plan:

  • We will set up 2 outdoor visit stations on the side of the Arbors and in the back of Victorian Place.  These shaded locations will have social distancing measures in place for residents and visitors to follow that maintain 6 foot distancing and will be staffed by an employee. The visitor station will be equipped with hand sanitizer which all parities will use prior to and after each visit. Each Station will be fully sanitized before the next visit begins.
  • Our employee will have each visitor to sign in and provide needed information on the visitation sign in sheet and to complete a wellness screening.  This screening tool will require a temperature check and questionnaire to be completed.  Anyone not meeting the requirements of the screening will be required to reschedule the visit.
  • Please bring your own mask(s). If one is not available a mask will be provided.  Masks MUST be worn at all times during the visit. 
  • We will require an appointment for each visit. Please contact by phone or email the building OR vp.washington@americareusa.net, to schedule your visit.   No visits will be allowed that are not prescheduled with the community staff.
    • To allow everyone the opportunity to schedule an initial visit with their loved one we are not allowing “standing visits” to be scheduled at this time.   We also must schedule visits around meal times and when there is staff available for the visit station.   
    • As of now, we will take reservations for the times of 9:00am to 11:30am, and 2:00pm to 4:00pm.
    • Within the next two weeks we hope to have a more automated system in place for self-scheduling and we will email you that link when it is available. 
  • We will allow 2 visitors (including babies and children) at a time per resident in a 30-minute increment.  Each visitor must be able to demonstrate proper infection control practices.  If infection control practices are not followed then the visit will need to end- this includes proper mask use.    Additionally, the resident will be placed on a 14 day in room quarantine for the safety of other residents.
    • While children are always welcome – they too must be able to wear PPE and practice proper infection control and social distancing.

Please note inside visits have not been approved by DHSS.  We ask that you continue to abide by our no-visitors policy inside the building.    Window visits of course are still encouraged with a closed window to prevent transmission and we ask to continue calling ahead of time to ensure your loved one is available.

For the health and safety of our residents please use good judgement with regard to outdoor temperatures before having your loved one join you for an outdoor visit.   If a heat index warning has been issued we will ask that you do a window visit instead. 


Ashley Garfias


Victorian Place of Washington and the Arbors