Emergency information for Alexandria Place in Jackson, Tennessee


Update:  Friday, September 18, 2020

Good afternoon Alexandria Place Family:

I wanted to update you on where we stand today:

Our first round of whole-house testing on 9.14.20 shows no additional residents or employees positive for COVID-19.   We initiated the testing after learning on 9.12.20 that one employee had tested positive for the virus.   We completed our second round of whole-house testing today and hope to have results back mid-week.  You will of course be notified privately of your loved one’s results.

If this round of testing shows no new cases of COVID-19 we will be able to lift our in-room quarantine.  I will share that news as soon as we have it.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers during these challenging times. 




Jennifer Brewer




Tennessee Visitation Plan


Community: Alexandria Place

Date visitation allowed: starting July 6

Current County Risk Profile: Red


The Governor of Tennessee signed an order to re-open long-term care communities to visitors during the COVID-19 Pandemic beginning June 15, 2020.  The plan below is designed to be implemented as appropriate for risk profile of each community by July 6th, 2020.

Assisted living communities will be allowed to have limited visitation within state guidelines and with compliance of applicable assisted living regulations.

Americare strives to allow families and residents to have visitation rights in a manner that mitigates the risks of transmission of COVID-19.  The elderly remains at high risk for negative health outcomes with COVID-19 and the virus is highly contagious once entering a communal living environment. 

Allowing visitation will increase the risk of a community having a COVID-19 outbreak.  However, the visitation plan will provide balance to the increased risk of COVID-19 transmission with residents’ emotional, social, and psychosocial needs to have personal connections with their loved ones.

The following re-opening plans for limited visitation may be amended at any time based on new guidance from the state of Tennessee, local health department, risk profile of the county related to COVID-19 cases, and outcomes resulting from implementation of the new visitation plan.

Please keep in mind, this is not only a family member/loved one’s home, but other residents’ home too.  Violating these directives will not only place the resident in danger, but will expose other residents to unnecessary risk.  Violation will result in 14-day quarantine of the exposed residents.  Family members violating these directives may be subject to additional visitation restrictions, up to and including being excluded from participation in outdoor and indoor visitations.

The plan will address the types of visitation allowed and the conditions that must be in place.  The community will cancel visitation based on inclement weather conditions, including heat advisory warning, during in-room quarantine, or COVID-19 related exposure at the community.

Closed window visits are allowed and may occur at any time and does not require pre-scheduling.




Our community allows the following types of visitation:

End of Life:   Americare’s end of life visitation remains unchanged.  A resident that is actively at end of life, the resident will be allowed to have scheduled visits with two adult family members in the resident’s room at a time. 

  • Family members will be required to complete and pass a self-wellness check. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for family members
  • Family members will be required to put on a level 1 face mask and gloves. 
  • If the home has positive covid case, the family member will be required to wear N95 with level 1 surgical mask overlay, face shield or googles, gown, and gloves. 
    • Staff will provide proper donning and doffing procedures with PPE usage.
  • Family members will conduct a 20 second handwash upon exiting the community


Outdoor visitation with additional PPE barrier:  communities in high risk counties defined by Americare’s guide of red counties, will allow adult two visitors at a time to visit a resident with scheduled outdoor visitation with a with additional PPE requirements.  The resident will be required to wear a level 1 face mask and family member will be required to wear a KN95/N95 respirator mask.  

A physical barrier allowing visual contact but prevent physical contact will be established. To allow each resident to participate in visitation and appropriate staff oversight, a recommended maximum of 30 minutes per visit per week.

A designated area(s) will be set up.  Chairs and table will be provided to allow proper distancing. 

Visitor will schedule visit on a designated self-scheduling application


  • The community must have conducted state testing on all residents and employees with documented consent or decline forms
  • The community must have no new cases of COVID-19 in the past 28 days
  • The visitor must complete the outdoor visitor self-wellness check form prior to visiting with a resident. No entry within the building is allowed.
  • The visitor must sign in on the outdoor visitor log which is to include date, time , name, contact information, and resident visiting
  • The visit will be scheduled and have a staff member present to validate proper social distancing
  • The community must have proper PPE available at the visitation area
  • The community must have adequate PPE defined as minimum of 50 boxes of gloves, 500 level 1 face masks, 300 gowns, 300 N95/KN95 respirator masks, and 50 face shields/googles available to access if needed within 24 hours
  • All residents receiving daily full set of vitals and two respiratory checks
  • The community has a cohorting plan developed
  • The community has access to adequate testing supplies
  • The chairs, table, binder, and vital sign equipment will be pre and post visit sanitized with an EPA approved disinfectant with emerging virus claims.
  • The community will provide an outdoor binder with self-wellness check, vital sign equipment, visitor log, and hand sanitizer
  • The community will provide a shaded space for both resident and visitors
  • The visitor may not enter the building for any reason


You can expect a link for visitor self-scheduling by the end of next week.



Jennifer Brewer


Alexandria Place