Americare Skilled Nursing

The most comforting thing about us?
The way we care.

While living here, you're also a part of our community. We relish every opportunity to make you feel like you're back at home. When you walk in the door, you might be surprised how "at home" you feel. And that's by design. Gracious, traditional interiors and furniture decorated with warm colors and textures quickly convey the comforts of home. Your accommodations are either private or shared, many with their own half baths.

Skilled Nursing with Americare.

The art of quilting demands skill and patience. We offer the same to all our residents.

When you need a level of care that calls for others to lend a helping hand, you want hands well-trained in all the techniques of care, backed up by an undeniable expertise in the craft of caring, plus a commitment to creating a community where skilled care and a comforting touch go hand in hand. We combine sound clinical nursing care with a gracious living environment, one that preserves individual dignity and encourages self-sufficiency.

Our focus is twofold:

  1. Provide rehabilitation to help someone regain their maximum level of independence,
  2. Offer a homelike setting for those who need ongoing services.

All in a friendly, caring, comforting environment.

Caring. It's what we're skilled at doing.

We offer a welcome home for those who need it.

Making the decision to seek skilled nursing care involves a journey filled with mixed emotions and uncertainties. We realize the importance of security and peace of mind about the decision.

When it's time, we evaluate every person's requests and suggest the right fit. We guide the whole family through every option, including the paperwork to access Medicaid or Medicare. If you treasure your independence - and seek a community and the support you need to meet life head-on - visit us.

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