Americare Senior Living

All the comforts of home

For over 30 years, Americare has extended care to senior generations in America's heartland. Men and women who have served sons and daughters, grandchildren, neighbors and their country in countless ways both small and great. Now it's our turn to help. We consider it a privilege to serve those who have passed on to us, "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

At the heart of every Americare community is a philosophy of person-centered care. This philosophy guides every decision we make. Person-centered care comes alive in our communities and truly makes a difference in the lives of our residents, their families and our co-workers. We invite you to take a few moments to see what we mean by viewing a sampling of Americare stories throughout our company.

The Americare Experience

The Americare Experience Project is a collection of stories from our communities. Each story is told from a different perspective - residents, families, and co-workers. Each story unique - each story special. We invite you to take a few moments and share in The Americare Experience and see what sets our communities apart.

Going Home

Chronicles the journey of a man struck with a debilitating disease and shows how an Americare skilled nursing center made his dream of returning home to his wife a reality.

Power of Discovery

An intimate story of one woman's decision to leave her home of many years. Witness the care and support given to her and her family by an Americare outreach coordinator and see the difference it made.

Northridge Place

Just like Grandma's house - a fresh pot of coffee, snacks in the cupboard or treats in the freezer. See how our resident kitchen enhances life for residents and their families.

Hometown Hospitality

Shows how Americare's customer service program, Hometown Hospitality, impacts the lives of Americare's other customer - our valued employees.

You Get More than You Give

In this candid profile of a nursing assistant, you'll see the qualities that make someone successful as a caregiver - someone our residents and their families grow to love and rely on.

Galena Nursing Center

What does person centered care mean? It's different for each person. See how the little things we do to preserve a person's identity make all the difference in their life.

Person-Centered Care

While other companies talk about it, this video shows an example of how it came to life at an Americare community. A touching story of compassion, resourcefulness, and love.

Becoming Family

Shares the story of how our caregivers became the surrogate family for a resident whose children lived far away - allowing him to remain in the community he loved.

Quaker Nursing Center

Early riser or late sleeper? You have probably been the same one for years. Why should living at a nursing center make you change? See how an open, cooked-to-order breakfast starts the day off right and makes Quaker Nursing Center just a bit more like home.

Preserving Lifestyle

Meet Ruth, a determined, independent lady who lives life on her own terms. Despite an onset of Alzheimer's see how she's been able to maintain what's important to her by getting just the right support.

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