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Celebrating the Holiday Season with Our Elderly Loved Ones


With the Holiday season well on it’s way, most of us see times of mayhem on our horizon. Planning get-togethers and parties, cooking and preparing meals, shopping, but most importantly, time with our loved ones. Sometimes, through the craziness, we can forget our loved ones that might not live with us, but it is especially important at this time of year to make that happen. Whether they live alone or in a senior living community, there are many ways to include them in the joys of this special, celebratory time.

Why You Should Avoid Senior Isolation

Not only is there so much happening in terms of Holidays, the season has changed and the winter, colder months, can cause seasonal depression and further feelings of isolation and loneliness. The changes in weather can also prevent visits and outings from happening because of dangerous travel conditions.

While it is not always possible to avoid or control the weather, it is important to plan plenty of time spent with our loved ones and include them in the plans. Social isolation, depression, and feelings of loneliness can bring on other physical and mental health issues and concerns such as increased mortality, risk of higher blood-pressure and long-term illnesses.

Holiday Celebrations With Seniors

Senior living facilities often provide plenty of organized events and activities for family and friend visits to ensure an opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones during the Holidays. Furthermore, there are many other ways to celebrate together, whether they live alone in their home or in an assisted living community.

  • Attend a local Holiday performance (dance, play, or movie)
  • Visit bringing a family scrapbook of photos and memories
  • Cookie baking and decorating
  • Gift wrapping or shopping
  • Christmas carol sing-along
  • Throw your own Holiday party
  • Go out to dinner or lunch

This time of year is about more than the presents or the food, it’s about spending time with family and loved ones. No one wants to be alone. The Holiday season is about bringing everyone together, so bring the joy and spirit to your senior loved ones. They need it, too.

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