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How Will Mom Feel Connected if I Can’t See Her as Often?

Americare Senior Living communities have been serving seniors and their families with upscale senior living and long-term care services since 1981. We’re privately held and family operated, and senior living is all we do. Our commitment to our residents is at the heart of every decision we make. Part of that commitment is providing straightforward answers to your questions. Because we believe now, more than ever, it’s Experience That Matters.

We’ve included a link to a video below so you can hear firsthand what our families and staff are saying about how we are handling these unprecedented times:


Q:  Is it harmful for Mom to stay in her own home right now?

A:  As well as making it difficult to feel connected, social isolation may cause physical and emotional problems in otherwise healthy seniors. Family, friends and neighbors often aren’t able to check in regularly or run errands. Also, not having the technology to connect virtually with family or friends, or with physicians through telehealth, can be frustrating and harmful.


Q:  But if I can’t visit Mom as often, won’t she get lonely?

A:  In Americare communities, we consider ourselves one big family—residents, family members and staff—so even with social distancing, your Mom will be engaged and loved every day. Our culture embraces well-being and enrichment in every moment.


Q:  How have you responded to the COVID-19 challenge?

A: Our response has been swift and steady from the beginning. We were proactive in screening staff and residents before it was mandated. Our solid financial foundation enabled us to quickly secure personal protection equipment (PPE), and we are maintaining an ample supply. In the communities that have experienced cases of COVID-19, we have seen great recovery rates. When vigilance and competence come together, it inspires confidence on the part of our families—even when the virus is present.


Q:  What do you mean by “Experience That Matters?”

A: Our collective years of experience as a management team and our strong financial footing allowed us to marshal our resources to procure PPE, gather internal data, and distill information to our communities so they could concentrate on caring for residents. As a privately held company, we have the flexibility to put the best systems in place. We believe we are a vital part of each community’s healthcare continuum. Our aggressive and ongoing response to COVID-19 ensures that our communities are equipped with the information, education, materials, and manpower that is needed. In fact, when other healthcare providers backed away from providing services, we leaned in—because we have the confidence that we can—and we’re prepared to handle what comes our way.


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Americare Senior Living has earned 2020 Customer Approved and Employee Approved Awards from NRC Health. Only 20 Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Skilled Nursing organizations across the country earned this rare distinction, which is based on results from NRC Health’s 2019 Resident and Family Experience Survey and the Employee Experience Survey. To qualify, organizations must have a high percentage of respondents willing to recommend their locations to friends and family as either places to live, or to work. This is Americare’s second consecutive year to be recognized for customer satisfaction, and first year for employee satisfaction

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