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Health & Wellness

Whole-Person Wellness

At the heart of wellness is the feeling of connectedness that our residents experience through our Best Friends Approach™ to care. At The Arbors at Etheridge House we focus on whole-person wellness – mind, body and spirit. For many with Alzheimer's disease, life has been defined by what they've lost. We seek to reverse this thinking by embracing the present and accessing the past through an intimate understanding of the Life Story.

Meaningful Experiences

Health and wellness means shifting away from medications and toward meaningful engagement to manage moods and agitation. At The Arbors at Etheridge House health and wellness isn't a program. It's a culture where our care partners understand each person as an individual and use that information to create opportunities for whole person wellness – every day.

Resident health and wellness is a top priority for residents of The Arbors at Etheridge House.

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