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Our Memory Care Services

Best Friends™ Approach to Memory Care

We know that memory care residents require and respond brightly to the essential elements of friendship: respect, empathy, support, trust, and humor. Best Friends™ is a relationship-based model that emphasizes the role of care partner, not just caregiver – an important philosophy that The Arbors staff embody each and every day. Learn more about our Best Friends™ approach.

Security and Dignity

The Arbors at Willow Springs in Williamson County near Spring Hill Village Shopping Center is equipped with security technology that enhances resident safety but allows folks to move about freely in their home and on our grounds. Our outdoor living areas are secured and monitored through closed-circuit cameras, and residents who may need additional oversight are given discreet monitoring bracelets.

What's more, our convenient location in Spring Hill, in Williamson County is close to Maury Regional Medical Center and Tri-Star Spring Hill, so you know the best in medical care is within close proximity. With just 14 rooms The Arbors co-exists with a sister assisted living community, yet remains separate. Care is provided in a building specifically designed with the comfort of the Alzheimer's resident in mind.

To learn more about our commitment to hometown hospitality and our unique approach to caregiving, visit our Community page.

Senior Living Services

memory care and other senior living services provided by The Arbors at Willow Springs in Spring Hill.

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Care Partners Who Embrace the Life Story

We spend time carefully learning each friend's Life Story. This important process allows us to communicate more effectively, honoring their memories, achievements, and traditions – all allowing us to better connect in the moment. Each Life Story serves as the foundation for a personalized care plan, a living, breathing document that evolves as our friends change.


The art of doing difficult things with ease. Best Friends™ training helps care partners draw on their own KNACK to care for their friends. It includes being well-informed of the disease process, being empathetic, setting realistic expectations, using constructive humor, being non-judgmental, developing flexibility, and using each friend's Life Story as a basis for cueing.

Our 30-Second Rule

Take 30 seconds to become less task-oriented and more person-centered. Our care partners are trained to make a personal connection before beginning personal care.

Spontaneous Activities

Our care partners are trained and encouraged to stay in the moment. Care routines and activity calendars are replaced with spontaneous moments of engagement with individual friends or small groups. An unexpected snowfall may lead to making a snowman together and reminiscing about favorite winter holiday traditions. Knowing a special song to play between a friend and their spouse can create a moment of dancing and remembering. This type of engagement by care partners has shown to be important in uplifting the lives of our friends on a daily basis.

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