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Homeward Bound

A Safe and Lasting Transition Home

All too often, recovering patients are stuck in the cycle between hospital and rehabilitative care. Through Homeward Bound, rehab-to-home at North Point, a new standard is emerging - one where patients receive short-term nursing and rehabilitation services with greater results right from the beginning. We pave the way for a safe and lasting transition to home through:

  • On-site care advising in the hospital
  • Care coordination with your attending physician
  • Comprehensive care planning
  • Therapies available 6 days a week
  • Complete home evaluations prior to discharge

Homeward bound program for senior living residents in Paola, KS.

From Hospital to Home

Led by our medical director, our comprehensive program of physical, occupational and speech therapy guides each patient from hospital to home, monitoring progress daily and adjusting care plans as needed. We work daily with area acute-care hospitals to meet with potential patients, review clinical information and lead the admissions process. From that point on our patients have an advocate who will help them make a safe and lasting transition from hospital to home through Homeward Bound.

Recovery for Success

At Homeward Bound we see to break the pattern of re-admission to the hospital by offering a rehab setting designed for success. Whether recovering from injury, illness or surgery, our patients have everything they need to regain functionality, including an individualized plan for recovery, return home and follow-up. We include everything from strength training and new life skills develop to identifying supportive home services - all planned together with the medical professional and the families of those we serve.

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