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"May I Take Your Order?"

When good food and gracious dining come together - everyone is happy. Our residents deserve it. At Adams Pointe, our goal is to make each meal a great experience, three meals a day, and seven days a week. That’s one tall order, but we’re up to the challenge.

  • It starts with an open breakfast - with eggs just the way you like them. We accommodate our early risers ready for toast and coffee as well as those who can’t start the day without a big hot breakfast.
  • Aside from our Chef’s Specials for lunch and supper, our menu offers an array of additional choices. Our servers aim to please. Care for seconds? Just ask.
  • Our dining room is set with intimate tables of four or five, with linens and china service.

Our private dining room is available to residents for entertaining family and friends with a special meal or simple refreshments. And it’s not just the taste at mealtime, but the fresh-from-the-oven aromas permeating the building that elicit memories of home.

Senior living services for assisted living residents in Quincy.

Sample Dining Menus


Made to Order Omelet
Three egg omelet made to order with your choice of fresh ingredients including ham, sausage, bacon, green bell pepper, mushroom, onion, spinach, tomato, shredded cheese, and more.

Cinnamon French Toast
Golden brown, grilled French toast made with cinnamon and served with warm maple syrup.

Home-style Buttermilk Biscuits with Sausage Gravy
Fluffy buttermilk biscuits made fresh daily, smothered in homemade creamy sausage gravy.


Soup of the Day
Your choice of soup, featuring our White Chicken Chili and Tomato Bisque available daily.

Classic Americare Burger
Charbroiled hamburger on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and mayonnaise.

Crispy Buttermilk Ranch Chicken
Buttermilk marinated chicken tenders hand breaded and baked until golden brown.

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich
Open faced sandwich on Texas toast made with tender roast beef and served with savory gravy and mashed potatoes.

Oriental Mandarin Orange and Grilled Chicken Salad
Grilled chicken and mandarin oranges served atop crispy, fresh salad greens with a light oriental teriyaki dressing.


Pasta À la Dian
Penne pasta served with a fresh roma tomato-basil sauce with artichoke hearts, black kalamata olives, garlic and prawns and served with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Roasted Pork Loin Stuffed with Apricots
Juicy pork loin stuffed with local sun-dried apricots, celery, onion and our very own home-made corn bread, roasted to perfection and served with a savory apricot sauce.

Sole Vera Cruz
Tender flaky fillet of sole baked over a bed of fresh tomatoes, green onions, green olives, garlic cilantro and white wine and served with rice pilaf and fresh limes.

Four Cheese and Vegetable Lasagna
Parmesan, ricotta, provolone and mozzarella cheese are liberally employed in this dish which features tender pasta, white cheese sauce and local seasonal vegetables layered in this savory delight. This special dish is enjoyed by vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

*Menu items may vary and are subject to change.

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