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The Arbors at Adams Pointe Senior Living – Memory Care Assisted Living​

For seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss, every day presents a new challenge. At Adams Pointe, we’re here to help. Our 16-room Arbors memory care community is specially designed to promote a sense of security and belonging.


A resident talking to a caretaker at Adams Pointe Senior Living in Quincy, Illinois

The Best Friends™ Approach

Adams Pointe Senior Living, we embrace the Best Friends™ approach to memory care. Memory care assisted at The Arbors at Adams Pointe Senior Living honors and celebrates each individual by strengthening relationships, enhancing communication, and improving quality of life. Our team of care partners creates a “Life Story” for each resident, which details their accomplishments, memories, traditions, and personal history. Life Stories are regularly updated, providing great talking points, memories, and laughter when interacting with the resident.

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30-Second Rule

Before beginning any personal care services, we take a minimum of 30 seconds to engage with your loved one and ask them about their day.

Snoezelen Room

A calming, Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE), our Snoezelen Room uses lighting effects, color, sounds, music, aromatherapy, and various tactile materials to stimulate the senses and calm anxiety or sadness.

Spontaneous Activities

At Adams Pointe Senior Living, we believe in living in the moment and taking each day as it comes. Instead of activity calendars, we encourage spontaneous engagement with individual friends and small groups. Whether dancing, baking, or watching a movie, each of these activities is driven by the memories and moods of our residents.

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