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The Arbors at Bluff Creek Terrace – Memory Care Assisted Living

At Bluff Creek Terrace Senior Living, we know that caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss can be challenging. Let us help ease your strain. Our Arbors memory care program is designed to engage residents on a personal level, speaking to their interests and engaging their minds with a variety of activities and opportunities for social interaction with care partners and friends.

A resident talking to a caretaker at Bluff Creek Terrace Senior Living in Columbia, Missouri

The Best Friends™ Approach

While other communities rely solely on medication and technology to care for individuals with memory loss, we know that relationships are a much more powerful therapy. Our Best Friends™ approach to memory care celebrates the life of each individual. We use the essential elements of friendship – respect, empathy, support, trust, and humor – to forge a deeper connection with your loved one.

Memory care assisted living at The Arbors at Bluff Creek Terrace honors the memories, achievements, and traditions of each resident by implementing a personalized care plan that celebrates their life story. A living, breathing document - we update your loved one’s life story as their needs and interests change.

Small Setting

At Bluff Creek Terrace Senior Living, we understand the importance of having a smaller, more intimate environment to provide memory care services. Each of our neighborhoods features 16 suites and a central common area where residents gather for their morning beverage of choice.

30-Second Rule

Before beginning any personal care services, we take a minimum of 30 seconds to engage with your loved one and ask them about their day.

Snoezelen Room

A calming, Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE), our Snoezelen Room uses lighting effects, color, sounds, music, aromatherapy, and various tactile materials to stimulate the senses and calm anxiety or sadness.

Spontaneous Activities

At Bluff Creek Terrace Senior Living, we believe in living in the moment and taking each day as it comes. Instead of activity calendars, we encourage spontaneous engagement with individual friends and small groups. Whether dancing, baking, or watching a movie, each of these activities is driven by the memories and moods of our residents.

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